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Get Rev. Meares' Book "You Decide Your Future" Today!


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 Price: $10.00 (US Postage Paid) ($6.00 International Postage)

                       Tape Series  "You Decide Your Future"

     This is a six tape series of Rev. Meares teaching each chapter of the book in
     live church services.
Tape 1~By Exercising Your Right To Choose
       Tape 2~By The Thoughts You Think
       Tape 3~By The Words You Say
       Tape 4~By What You Do
       Tape 5~By Exercising Your Faith
       Tape 6~By Finding The Place Of Agreement
       Tape 7~By Your Relationships
       Tape 8~By The Seeds You Sow

Price: $30.00 (US Postage Paid) (International Postage $6.00)  

                                     Singing Tapes


                               "The God of Me and You"

   1. The God of Me and You (Quinton Mills)
    2. The Storehouse (Sandra Britt)
    3. I'm Moving (C.A. Williams)
    4. The Rose Beneath The Thorns (Lucy Hemmingway & Tim Greene)
    5. I Want To Walk With Jesus (Sandra Britt)
    6. The Center Of Your Will (Quinton Mills)
    7. That Same Living (Sandra Britt)
    8. Remind Me (Wayne Britt)
    9. My God Can Do It Again (Lucy Hemmingway)
   10. Not Remembered Again (Sandra Britt)

The God Of Me And You Is A Must For Southern Gospel Music Lovers.
The title song along with "The Center Of Your Will" was written by
Quinton Mills. These two songs were played nationwide and were on
the charts of The Singing News and The Gospel Voice magazines.
Another song on this tape is "The Rose Beneath The Thorns" which
was written by Lucy Hemingway and Tim Greene of The Greenes.

You will love the tight vocals and musical arrangements on this great tape.
It is available on Cassette and Video.

VHS Video Tape Only $20.00 (Postage Paid US) Int'l Postage Add $6.00

                                   "Pressing On"


    1. We Need More Power (Henry Oxendine)
    2. I'm Not The Same (Tony Jones)
    3. Pressing On (Tony Jones)
    4. Stir Me Again
    5. Let His Name Be Praised (Diana Gillette)
    6. Turn Back To Jesus (Tony Jones)
    7. I'm Going To Leave (Tony Jones)
    8. I Found A New Life (Shelia Simpson)
    9. Holy Ground (Sandra Britt)
   10. Suppertime In Heaven (Sandra Britt)


Pressing On is another uplifting collection of songs by The Meares.
One of the great songs on this cassette "Let His Name Be Praised",
was written by Diana Gillette of The Perry Sisters. Nine other
beautiful songs make this an inspiring ten song set.

Price: Cassette Only $10.00 (Postage Paid US) Int'l Postage Add $6.00



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