Below are pictures of Ministry to Nigeria November/December 2010

Above: Me & My Friend Prophet Nahum Dansule

Above: Ministering In Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Above: The Precious People of Ussa, Nigeria at Galilee 2010


Below are Pictures of Ministry in Cape Town, South Africa April 2009


Below: Pictures Of Ministry To Cape Town, South Africa March/April 08


   Preaching At House Of Healing In Cape Town           Ministering Healing To The People


Below: Pictures From Tanzania & Kenya September 2007



Above: These Are Actually Some Of The Better Roads




  Ministering At An Outdoor Meeting             The Kenyan People Are Hungry For The Gospel    




Ministering At The Close Of  A Service         We Gave $500.00 Toward This Church Building




 The Bus Broke, Please Help Us Buy The Truck                Traditional African Houses




Pictures From South Africa April 2007

Click On Picture To Enlarge



1st Annual Global Harvest Int'l Conference Central America March 2007

Click On Picture To Enlarge



The 11th Anniversary Of Kitchen Of Love Ministries Honduras & Guatemala 12-06

  Click On Picture To Enlarge

 65 People Accept Christ & Children And Parents Enjoying A Good Meal

Giving Baskets Of Food To 400 Families


 6 Men Are Saved At The Men's Conference In San Pedro Sula, Honduras 

Hundreds Of Children Are Ministered To As Carla Leads in Worship.

The Clown Entertains & All The Children Receive A Toy



Ministry Trip To Wakefield & London, England July 06


Above: Destiny Connect 06 Conference at Cliff College, England July 06



          Above: Assembly Of God ~ London, England With PastorJackson Antonio  

   Destiny Connections Pastors


       An Old Castle In England           Praying Over The New Destiny Church Building



Ministry Trip To Tanzania & South Africa April 06


Above: April 06 Mission to Tanzania

Above: The Indian Ocean & The Fish Market

Above: Ministry in Cape Town, South Africa & A Little Sightseeing



Me And My Sister Christina Ministering In Guatemala November 05

                                      Above: Christina With The Children


Above 1st: Christina, Thomas, Jose & Pastor Christian  Next Two: Me Preaching & Jose Interpreting  Picture Four: Ministering To A Couple At Their Business


Above: Enjoying The Beautiful Country Of Guatemala
























































































































































































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