February 13th, 2020


My dear Partner in the Gospel,

You are helping me to fulfill the Gospel mandate and lives are being forever changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you from the depths of my heart…your financial support and prayers are invaluable.

This is a time like no other…2020 and the decade of the twenties will be an awesome time for God’s church. The number 20 biblically can symbolize Redemption and also 20 years can be a complete and entire time of waiting. 20/20 speaks of perfect vision and I believe God is realigning, and bringing Focus to His church. We the church must understand our assignment if we are to become a Glorious church. God has given me much revelation in this area and I must take it to His church body. In order to see a fresh new Pentecost with all that accompanies that, the church must be awakened and re-focused. I really believe we are entering the last Great Awakening and the beginning of the church becoming Glorious. The church must take their place beside the reigning King Jesus and rule with Him. This Word of the Kingdom will be preached to all Nations and King Jesus shall return.

Wow, Wow, Wow…God has opened some huge doors in South Africa. I will be leaving on March 18th and returning on April 14th. God has brought more clarity to my assignment there and I am expecting great breakthroughs. I will be preaching the message of the Kingdom with Miracles, Signs and Wonders following beginning in Johannesburg then to Port Elizabeth, Jeffrey’s Bay, Plettenburg Bay, Riversdale and finishing in Cape Town with my good friend Apostle George Paige at his annual Easter conference. I am especially thankful for the opportunity to minister for one of the city fathers in Cape Town…Apostle Theo Roman on Easter Sunday morning.

Please help me take this message to the church in South Africa. Your financial support will help to bring a Reformation to God’s church and enable them to function as a true New Testament church. Your support is very important at this strategic time on God’s schedule. The budget for this outreach to include expenses of conferences, transportation and accommodations is $4000.00. The cost is great but the rewards are worth it. God has promised to Bless you as you get involved with His work. Thank you in advance for your much needed prayers and financial support.

Every Kingdom Blessing,

His For Kingdom Advancement,

Thomas & Cathy Meares












October, 2007 Newsletter (Mission To Tanzania & Kenya)


October 12th, 2007

Dear Friend,

Hello my precious friend and thank you for your prayers and support. Cathy & I are so blessed to have you as our friend and partner. I just returned from three weeks of successful ministry in Tanzania & Kenya. This is an update especially for you. Please take just a few minutes to read it to the end. I have also enclosed some pictures from this mission. Wow, what a trip...it was a little hard on the flesh but the spiritual results and rewards are awesome. There were 30 plus people that accepted Jesus as their Saviour and many others testified of God’s healing power in their lives. All the Pastors and Bishops I ministered for said that they as well as their people were very encouraged. Thank God I was able to give up myself so God could lift up His people.

God showed Himself faithful during the whole time there. The first 5 days my mornings were spent teaching at the Agape Bible College (Bishop Stephano Nzowa founder) and preaching in the evenings at New Beginnings Church in Mbagala for Pastors Swithurn & Angelina Mgaya. The time spent with the Bible College students was so rich, all of them being in the ministry. I saw God working with His word as one of the students; a Pastor sowed 100,000 shillings which is equivalent to $100.00. His obedience to God’s word enabled us to take about 25 of the students on a day trip to Bagamoyo, a city that was know for slave trade. It was a very informative trip for us all and a treat for me after 5 days of ministering morning and night.

After a 7 hour bus ride we (6 people plus me) reached Dodoma the capitol city of Tanzania our next place for ministry. It is the dry season so everything is brown and dusty...and the wind is blowing dust everywhere. We were met by Bishop Mark & Dorcas Mhina of New Beginnings Fellowship and stayed in their home. The crusade began on Thursday and continued through Sunday with hundreds in attendance. This is where 24 plus people were saved and we received several healing testimonies. One being a woman that was healed of female problems...Praise God. It was also here that my camera was accidentally broken by the Bishop sitting on it and I also ran out of money. So you see although I love telling about the good things...bad things do happen. I was very disappointed about my camera as it was a gift from a precious preacher and a wonderful church...the best camera I have ever owned. I am still trusting God that it will be replaced. Sunday was the last day there so I ministered in the church that morning then went to the Pentecostal Church Of Christ Mission and ministered for Pastor Egla Utonga in the afternoon. Then we came back and closed out the crusade that evening with Bishop Mark & Dorcas Mhina.

After the long day on Sunday we (5 people plus me) arose at 5am on Monday to get ready to board the bus at 6:15am for our next destination. This proved to be the worst day of my trip. The bus had a flat tire which took about an hour to fix. We then traveled another 30 to 40 minutes and the transmission went out on the bus, stranding us in the middle of nowhere. Finally after it was dark the bus driver flagged down a transfer truck and all six of us including our luggage climbed into the cab of the truck with the driver and his assistant. After 3 hours packed in there like sardines (worse than uncomfortable) we arrived in Moshi. We finally got in bed about 1am Tuesday morning...Wow, what a day.

Thank God I had the next two days to relax. On Tuesday I enjoyed the beautiful mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro...the highest mountain in Africa which is over 19,000 ft high. Then on Wednesday I enjoyed a small animal park and a museum of the Maasai people, the traditional African people who are nomadic herdsmen. I had a first experience here as it was my first time riding a camel. It was also here that Cathy wired me money which God provided just in time...God is always faithful. I stayed in a hotel here and was able to take a shower (a cold shower)...Praise God for a shower even though it was cold. Many people have to walk for miles for water and it’s not very clean at that.

After this short time of rest we (now three others and me) set off for Nairobi, Kenya. Seven hours later we arrived and met Pastor Charles Kingori. Tired and ready to rest we found out that he lived in Nkubu, a town 200 kilometers from Nairobi toward Somalia. Four hours later, now after 10pm we arrived at Pastor Charles’ home and were met by his wife Nancy and daughter Daisy and a nice meal. The next night we started the meetings in his church, Evangelism Church. On Saturday we also had a crusade in town as well as the night service. On Sunday I again preached 3 times, in the church that morning, the crusade in the evening and the final service that night in the church. Thank God for 6 plus salvations and 3 joining the church.

On Monday October 1st we had quick celebration of my birthday in the morning before leaving to Nairobi to start my long journey home. This is the first time I have been away from home on my birthday. I was supposed to leave on Saturday night but because my ticket was booked to leave from Dar es Salaam instead of Nairobi, my ticket had to be rebooked at an additional cost of $115.00 and the first flight they could get me on was Monday night.

Thank you again for being our friend and partner. After all of this I have returned and my airline ticket for this trip has not been paid for. I still owe $1489.00 plus the additional $115.00 to rebook, a total of $1604.00 which is still on my credit card. Please help me take care of this...I don’t believe that God would send me on a mission and not provide for my expenses. I also don’t believe in giving interest to the credit card company when I could be giving more toward ministry projects.

One last thing is the truck...I have failed at this point to deliver this valuable tool to Bishop Nzowa. I still believe God for a miracle of $8,000.00 in order to accomplish this. Please ask God what He would have you to sow toward this. I will continue to pray for you daily that God will provide your every need...spirit, soul and body. Let us know what we can pray with you about. Cathy and I will stand in faith with you concerning your prayer request. Thank you again for your faithfulness. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

His For Kingdom Advancement,

Thomas Meares

Apostle Thomas Meares


Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters


Omega Christian Academy Is Now Open

Precious Friends & Partners,

     This has been a life long dream of mine, come true.   Yes, August 13, 2007 was the first day of school for Omega Christian Academy Students.  Some of you may not know, but on May 24th the school where I was teaching closed their doors.  Sometimes I think we can get to relaxed and in a comfort zone so to speak. But God knows how to get our attention.  I was going to start two years ago, but it was not Gods timing. I am excited to get started and there are many challenges. Please pray for this very important part of Omega Christian Ministries International. The following is a little about what we will offer at Omega Christian Academy.

Building Lives for the Future,

 Cathy Meares

 May God Richly Bless You and Your Family!!!

Greetings From The Cathy Meares                         

On the surface, most schools look alike - buildings, personnel, curriculum, and budgets.  Omega Christian Academy wants its philosophy built on basic principles of the Word of God. We want to teach Students to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character. At Omega Christian Academy we focus on what is best for the individual child, after all, that should be the primary concern of education.

Individualization - Whether the student is a high-achiever, a moderate-paced learner, or a slow learner, Omega Christian Academy educational process proceeds at the exact level determined by the child’s ability.  With the curriculum we have chosen this makes it possible for each student to master the subject matter before moving on. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built. 

Academic Excellence - Individualization produces academic excellence. Students receive character training in Biblical principles. Moreover, students will go on to higher education and into business and professional pursuit with confidence and a superb educational background.                                                      

Character Building - Godly character training received as part of this learning experience prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities.                                                  

Traditional Values - Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive living are conveyed throughout the curriculum, in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.

Academic Benefits

 *  Produces academic excellence


*  Teaches the child to think


*  Stresses the uniqueness of the individual


*  Incorporates Godly character training


*  Teaches responsibility and accountability


“Building Lives for the Future”

For more information or for an appointment:

Contact:  Mrs. Cathy Meares



"Academic Excellence With A Biblical Perspective"



July 31, 2007 Letter to Partners


Dear Friend & Partner,

Hello, it has been some time since I have written you, but you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Your prayers and support mean more than you can imagine to Cathy and me. Thank you so much for helping us take the gospel to the nations...Wow, Cathy has really kept me busy getting the building ready to launch Omega Christian Academy. Yes she will finally give birth to her life long dream of having a Christian school and on August 13th the school and will open with 15 students in Fairmont, NC. I have enclosed a short letter with more about the school from Cathy.

I will be traveling to Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa September 11th thru October 2nd. One of the main purposes for my trip is to purchase a pickup truck for Bishop Stephano Nzowa and the Agape International Fellowship which consist of 34 churches in Tanzania, Zambia, & Mozambique. Bishop Nzowa & I will also hold a conference with all the Pastors of the Agape International Fellowship to encourage them and further equip them for their work. We will visit the churches in Zambia also.

 When I was there last year I announced that when I came back Bishop Nzowa and I would be riding in a truck. Please hear me from my heart. Bishop Nzowa is a precious man with a big heart for the Pastors he serves and my desire is to help him train and oversee many more Pastors who will plant more churches. He don’t have a vehicle at all and has to travel many miles by bus or train...then he walks for miles in the rural areas to bring hope and encouragement to his Pastors and their churches. I only wish you could go there with me and see the conditions for yourself. The roads are terrible to say the least. I am not attempting to buy a new truck, but a good used one. The investment needed for the truck is $8500.00. Wow, what an opportunity to place such a tool for evangelism in this man of God’s ministry. It will increase the effectiveness of his ministry more than you can imagine. Will you please ask God what He would have you to invest in this? I believe according to Ephesians 6:8 “What you make happen for a man of God, He will make happen for you. Thank you in advance for helping to advance God’s Kingdom in Tanzania.

 I will leave Tanzania on September 26th and go to Cape Town, South Africa. My main purpose there is to speak in a fundraising breakfast for Pastors George & Ingrid Paige who are raising money for the down payment on the building for House Of Healing Christian Center. They need at least another $25,000 to accomplish this goal. Please pray for all of the above needs and do your best. A preacher friend of mine told me that God could supply the money for the truck with one swoop. In other words, someone could write a check for the total amount of $8500.00. Please be obedient to God’s leading. We look forward to receiving your letter and please include your prayer request so we can intercede in your behalf...God answers the prayer of Agreement. Thank you again for prayers and financial support.

 Advancing God’s Kingdom Together,

Apostle Thomas Meares


Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters


Cathy's Letter 

                                                                                                             My precious Friend,

     This is a life long dream of mine, come true.   Yes, August 13, 2007 will be the first day of school for Omega Christian Academy. Some of you may not know, but on May 24th the school where I was teaching closed their doors. Sometimes I think we can get to relaxed and in a comfort zone so to speak. But God knows how to get our attention. I was going to start two years ago, but it was not Gods timing.

     I am writing you to let you know I need help.  I didn’t know it could cost so much to start a school.  Expenses like Inspection permits, having Water, Electricity and Telephone turned on is just a start.  I need to purchase Teacher’s Books, Student Desks, Black Boards, Bulletin Boards, and a Water Cooler.  The list goes on and on.  Will you help?  Teachers Books cost $550.00 per class.  I’m starting with 4th – 7th grade this year.  One friend and partner told me that her and her husband would purchase one grade of Teacher’s books.  Can I depend on you?  Your gift is greatly appreciated. 


                                                                 Building Lives for the Future,

                                                                 Cathy Meares


_____Yes Cathy, I will purchase Teacher’s books $550.00 for one class.

_______Yes Cathy, I will help with the Teachers Books

_______Yes Cathy, I will purchase a Black Board for $150.00.

_____Yes Cathy, I will donate $100.00 towards school start up expense.


 May God Richly Bless You and Your Family!!!



Newsletter April 07 Ministry To South Africa


May 5th 2007

Dear Friends & Partners,

Greetings and Blessings from Thomas, Cathy & Sarah... We have just returned from three weeks of ministry in South Africa. Wow, what a great time of ministry as well as a wonderful time for building relationships. Thank you for your prayers and support to make this ministry a success.

Praise God for 25 people being saved and several miracles. Two miracles of healing took place on Easter Sunday. First, one of the elders of Pastor George Paige's church was suffering with an arthritic knee and had been out of work several days. He could not bend his knee and was walking with the assistance of a crutch. Just after the service was given to me I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for his healing. Praise God, when he left the church he was carrying the crutch and when he came back on Sunday night he was walking normal. The next day he went back to work...Hallelujah. Second, the mother of one of the preachers had been taken to the hospital with pain in her side. The doctor said she would have to have an emergency surgery to remove her appendix. I agreed in prayer with him for her and before the service was over his father came by the service and said that the surgery had been canceled. I went and preached for this Pastor on Wednesday night and his mother was there, smiling and totally healed. Wow…what a mighty God we serve.

Thank you again for standing with us and believing in us as we endeavor to advance God's Kingdom. I will now share my heart with you about a great need of my friends Pastors George & Ingrid Paige and the ministry of House Of Healing Christian Center. They are in currently worshipping in a building that they wish to purchase. They are renting about half of the building and are paying $1000 per month. Pastor Paige feels that the money they are paying in rent should be going to purchase the building and I agree. It is a very large building which was once a grocery store. The building is built well and will serve the ministry and its many outreaches for years to come. The building is large enough to accommodate up to 3000 people. So you see it will be a good investment. The cost of the building is 1.2 million rand and my desire is to help them raise the down payment of 210,000 rand which would be $30,000 dollars.

These precious people have been in my home on two occasions and I have now been with them on two occasions. I have seen their hearts of love for God and the ministry. I have also seen their ministry for myself and it is good ground to sow into. Please make this a matter of prayer and let me know what you can do to make this happen. I really believe that "What You Make Happen For God's House, God Will Make Happen For Your House". Please do your best...and remember that it is your seed that creates your harvest. You are so special and we are always praying for you and your success in every area of life... spirit, soul and body.

Always Advancing God’s Kingdom,

Apostle Thomas Meares


Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters



Happy New Year & Ministry To D. R., Honduras & Guatemala


January 5, 2007

My Dear Friend,

Happy New Year my friend and fellow laborer in Christ, from the Meares and Omega Christian Ministries Int’l. This is the Year of Rest… You must enter your Sabbath of Rest and receive all that God has promised you. God rested from all His labors on the seventh day and enjoyed all that he had made. It is time now for us to enjoy the fruit of our labors. You can only enter your Sabbath by faith. The children of Israel could not enter their Promised Land because of unbelief. The Sabbath is a Place and not just a day. You must come to the end of yourself and you trying to make something happen. Just be obedient to God and His Word and let Him produce the results. Let’s all enter our Promised Land of Rest…Our land that is flowing with milk and honey. God has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness (II Peter 1:3&4). Receive God’s best in this Year of Rest...

Thank you for your prayers and support of my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Guatemala. From the first night it was an absolutely successful time of ministry. The first night in the D.R. was in a small town called Ranchito and we had six people who were gloriously saved. On Friday I sang and spoke at the La Vega Christian School for the High school and the Middle school students. Wow what a lively group of young students, it was great. The Pastor’s Conference was a huge success. They were very encouraged as I shared the Word under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. At the close of the conference they received an offering for my trip to Honduras and Guatemala, also one of the Pastors paid for everyone’s meal. This was a miracle. Another miracle was a brother that just happened to be in La Vega who was from Ft. Worth, Texas and he sowed $200.00 also. I was there to sow and God was multiplying my seed (II Cor. 9:10) Praise God…Continue to pray for Bishop Mitch and Debbie Martinez, the school and all the churches that they are working with. They have a wonderful ministry and have accomplished so much in the Dominican Republic

After arriving home on Tuesday night and sleeping in my bed for a few hours I left again on Wednesday morning for Honduras where I met Apostle Jose Alvarez and the ministry team of Cocina del Amor (The Love Kitchen). I ministered to the men of the Iglesia de Christo Mahanaim that night and 6 men were saved and many other encouraged in the faith. This is a great church of over 1000 members in San Pedro Sula which is the second largest city in Honduras. On Thursday night I ministered to the whole church and declared a New Season to them. It was a glorious time as the Holy Spirit spoke thru me to declare that they were a church that was chosen to make a big impact on the city and the country. Please pray for this church and Pastors Miguel & Nora Flores.

On Friday we left for the mountains of Guatemala. There in the city of Esquipulas we ministered to over 1600 people all day on Saturday and Sunday. These are very poor people that live up in the mountains without electricity or running water in their houses. Over 60 people gave their lives to Christ and countless others were encouraged and healed by the love of God felt from the ministry team. Over 400 families received baskets of food and everyone enjoyed hot meals on both days.

On Sunday which was the children’s day there was special music and a clown. About 900 children received a toy for Christmas. It was a very happy time for these precious people. Can I count on your prayers and support for these desperate people of Esquipulas?

Our final destination was Guatemala City and the headquarters of The Love Kitchen Ministries. On Tuesday night there was a service in the streets at the ministry center and what a celebration it was. There was special music and after my message “Jesus Is Lord Of The Sabbath” the ministry team prayed with about 40 people. They were very blessed as we ministered the love of God to them. Again everyone was fed a wonderful hot meal and food was given to many families. On Wednesday it was ministry to the children with a special children’s group that sang and did skits. The clown also amazed the children with his tricks and funny stuff. Every child received a toy and what a blessing it was to see the smiles on their faces. During the time that the children were having their fun Rev. Lora Lockert was leading a Ladies Banquet. There were about 185 ladies in attendance and many were saved and healed, not only physically but emotionally as the Holy Spirit ministered thru Rev. Lockert and the ministry team.

Wednesday night was the close of the 11th Annual Celebration of The Love Kitchen with a banquet at the Westin Camino Real Hotel. Wow what a banquet. The food was great, but the ministry was even better. Everyone was ushered into the presence of God as we were lead into praise and worship by Jose Jr. and the band. I preached on “The Power of the Seed” and over 50,000 quetzales were received as the Holy Spirit challenged the people to sow into The Love Kitchen Ministries. To top off all of this, I was honored by Apostle Alvarez and the Love Kitchen when I was presented with a beautiful silver and jade ring with the logo of the ministry etched into the jade. Please continue to pray for Apostle Jose Alvarez, his staff and the various ministries of The Love Kitchen. Also pray for my good friends John & Renee Houser of La Paloma Ministries (The Dove Ministries), which is a support ministry here in the States for The Love Kitchen Ministries. John & Renee, along with Rev. Lora Lockert and Heather & Billy Medley were part of the ministry team from the United States.

It was an absolutely powerful 18 days of ministry and I am so very thankful for all of you who supported me with your prayers and your finances.

We are planning our first ever Partner meeting and we would love for you to make plans to come. Plans are to have this meeting in Lumberton on the third Saturday in February. I will send another letter with details soon. It is going to be a great year and we ask for your continued support. We can’t do it alone. Thank you for your faithful support. You are in our thoughts always and we are praying for you. Again receive God’s best in this Year Of Rest…

Always Advancing God’s Kingdom,

Thomas Meares

Apostle Thomas Meares


  Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters



Ministry To England July 2006


July 31, 2006

Dear Partner,

Thank you for your prayers and support of my recent mission to England, and also your support of our ongoing ministry to Tanzania. The mission to England proved to be most successful. Because of your help I am able to preach the Gospel all over the world. The following is a brief account.

The Destiny Connect 06 Conference was absolutely powerful. Over 200 people were blessed and encouraged as God’s glory was manifested. The Word went forth with such power and authority.

Many were healed of various ailments and prophetic words thrust all present into a higher place… Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I made some golden connections with two Indian Pastors as well as a wonderful couple from the Czech Republic. These connections were all made possible by my friends Apostles Ian and Rachel Critchley. They are the founders of Destiny Connections, and the Pastors of Destiny Christian Church in Wakefield, England. Wow, what an awesome life changing conference and a wonderful time with my Destiny Connections family. On Wednesday night I ministered at Destiny Christian Church with a powerful message on the manifested sons of God, in which I encouraged everyone to do the works that Jesus the pattern Son did.

After arriving in London on Thursday, I was greeted by my friends Pastors Kendrick and Simone Simon. On Friday night I spoke to and Arabic church and what an honor to address mostly former Muslims from Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. On Sunday morning I brought a brief exhortation and a song at the Fountain Of Life PH Church. We returned again for an afternoon service at the Arabic church and what an experience it was to worship with these precious people. God is busy raising up His church all over the world and He is doing it through us, His body…the body of Christ. On Sunday night I ministered at the World Revival Center to a Brazilian (Portuguese speaking) congregation.

Wow, what an exiting on fire group of people. Thank God for this young Pastor and his precious wife. This church began just two years ago and over 200 believers are already part of this ministry.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support. Your obedience to sow into this ministry will continue to authorize God’s blessing on your life. It also enables us to fulfill the Great Commission. (Mark 16:15 & Matt 28:19&20) Please continue to pray and support the ongoing work in Tanzania.

I have enclosed an updated list of ministry needs. You are loved and appreciated more than ever and we are interceding for your needs. Please continue to send us your prayer concerns. You can email us at thomas@thomasmeares.com or you can include them with your next financial seed. Also please keep checking our website www.thomasmeares.com as we are in the process of updating it.

To View Pictures Of This Trip (Click Here)

Always Advancing The Kingdom,

Thomas Meares

Rev. Thomas Meares

Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters



Ministry To Tanzania & South Africa April 2006


May 9, 2006

Dear Friends & Partners,

Praise God, I am back in the USA from my three week trip to Africa and what a powerful and challenging trip it was. I am so thankful for your prayers and support. Your prayers were effective and God gave me strength to complete the mission. Let me give you some highlights of this mission.

I started out with the hardest assignment first which was 10 days in Tanzania. I left on Tuesday April 4th at 3:00pm and arrived in Dar es Salaam at 9:30pm on Wednesday April 5th Bishop Stephano Nzowa along with other Ministers, members of the church and family members met me at the airport and welcomed me. We then went to the Bishop’s house for the first night where I finally got into bed at 12:30am. I was awakened at 4:30 am to get ready for the 12 hour bus ride to the Mbeya region where I would stay in a rest house in the small village of Mlowo. We missed the bus we were supposed to take and had to ride one that stopped in Mbeya. It was pouring rain and we had to stand under a shelter until Bishop Nzowa found us a taxi to take us on to Mlowo. I finally arrived after 9:00pm wet, hungry and exhausted. Thank God the rest house had a decent bathroom with hot water. After bathing and having some food I crashed about 11:00pm and slept till 9:00am the next morning.

On Friday we began the Ministers Conference in Isansa which is a village out in the remote area. It took us about 45 minutes to travel 10 to 12 miles. The roads were so bad that we had to hire a truck to take us. (What made things worse was that the Bishop’s phone had been stolen and he don’t have a vehicle. We were without communication and transportation so you can imagine how difficult it was. Remember this is the remote area and everything was a challenge.) When we got to the village of Isansa we were welcomed with singing and waving branches. They put down branches and cloths for us to walk into the church on. It was such a welcome that it made tears come into my eyes. They were so happy to see us and it was a way of showing respect to us. We had an awesome service,  they were so excited and you should see how they worshipped with dancing and waving flowers and branches. The church was decorated with flowers and balloons. I preached for over an hour and everyone was very blessed as the Holy Spirit ministered to each need. Bishop Nzowa then showed me his old home place. Most of his family still lives in this village. The houses are mud huts with grass roofs; however some are made with homemade bricks and have a tin roof. We left to go back to the rest house in Mlowo about 7:45pm. Oh this day was also the first contact I made with my wife by email after being gone since Tuesday.

 Saturday was another great day. We finally got out to Isansa at about 1:30pm. We marched with the students (from a house where they met to get ready) to the church. It was a proud occasion for all of them. After preaching for almost 2 hours (It would only be about an hour if I were not preaching with an interpreter. The language there is Swahili.) Bishop Nzowa and I presented diplomas to 18 students who received a Diploma In Theology for their studies and we also prayed for them. The students were so touched as the Holy Spirit spoke some powerful words thru me to them as we prayed. After the service we went to the Pastor’s house where the students took off their caps and gowns and we ate some boiled corn together. It was a joyous time for all. We then went to another village where the assistant Bishop Wegga pastors a great church. They welcomed us the same way and we had a powerful service there as well. After the service we went to the assistant Bishop’s house for a Pepsi. I had to use the bathroom there and it was an adventure. It was a small room with a burlap sack as the door, and a hole in the floor for the commode. I didn’t see any toilet paper but I did see some corn cobs. Wow what a deal... After the Pepsi and some fellowship we started the long journey back to Mlowo. We had rented a larger truck so we could bring the ministers and students back so we could finish the conference in Mlowo. The Bishop told me that there were about 70 people packed in the back of that truck. Again, wow what a deal...

On Sunday we also had two services at the Mlowo branch church. The first service was a regular Sunday morning service, but there was nothing regular about it. The anointing was so powerful and I released it into the people. When I finished the Bishop said “what do we have to give to this man.” He has given everything he has and we don’t have anything to give him except our prayers. He instructed them to pray and that they did… . . it was powerful. While they were praying the Holy Spirit instructed me to receive the tithes and offerings when they finished. So I told them if you really believe what you have just prayed, bring your tithes and offerings. I believe everyone came forward and brought something. One brother didn’t have any money so he brought his jacket. The offering was 27,500 schillings and the Bishop said that was a miracle. He told me that many of the people did not have anything to eat. They had went to bed hungry the night before because they were saving their money to pay for transportation back home or to pay for the guest house they were staying in.(27,500 Tanzanian schillings is about $27.50 US dollars) So you see what he meant about we don’t have anything to give this man. I felt uncomfortable when I tried to give the offering to the Bishop and he wouldn’t take it. He told me that God instructed me to receive the offering so it was mine. I told him I didn’t receive it for me but I would use it for the ministry. He told the people what I had said and they all said “Use It”. Of course I sowed it all back into the ministry. Later that evening about 6:00pm we had the ordination service and 18 ministers were gloriously ordained into the ministry with the laying on of hands by Bishop Nzowa, assistant Bishop Wegga and I. What an awesome service and a blessed day it was.

 On Monday we came back for one closing session with the Ministers only and I was able to pour into them what God had given me. It had gotten dark on Sunday and I did not get to share the message and the charge that God had given me for them. (The churches don’t have electricity and most of them have dirt floors.) Also, today is when I gave back the remaining part of the offering which they gave me on Sunday. I had already given part of it to two different Pastors as the Holy Spirit had directed me. The reason I gave the money to Bishop Nzowa is because he knew who needed it the most. This was the closing service and everyone was so very encouraged. The Bishop was really happy with the conference and he said that the ministers and the people were very blessed and encouraged. There was such a sense of unity and belonging created by the conference. By coming together each minister now has a renewed desire, and a feeling of being part of something bigger than their church. I don’t know if we can even comprehend everything that God did thru the conference. Again, what can I say except God is absolutely wonderful?

After closing the conference and leaving Mlowo we went to Tunduma, which is a town on the border of Tanzania and Zambia. After checking into a hotel we crossed the border into Zambia to visit Bishop Nzowa’s daughter. We had a good time of fellowship there and prayed for them and their family. Then we went to find some supper, we had to stop at a couple of restaurants before we found one that Bishop felt comfortable with. Thank God he was looking out for me. At this point I had given him all the money I had with the exception of about $57.00 which I was keeping to get to South Africa. He would not even order any food. He said he was going to eat with his brother. He also didn’t stay at the same hotel because it was too expensive. However it was not a very nice hotel according to our standards. It had a long drop in the bathroom instead of a commode, but at least it had a shower with warm water.

 On Tuesday we headed back for Mbeya where we were to take the train back to Dar es Salaam. Bishop Nzowa’s wife had gotten malaria while we were in Mlowo and had to go to the hospital for two days. We prayed a fervent prayer on Monday in the closing service of the conference and I told them she would be out of the hospital and would go back home to Dar es Salaam with us. Praise God she did … Because of the malaria she needed fresh vegetables to eat so we went to look for them and missed the train. At 2:00pm the Bishop’s wife Edda and the other ladies got on the train and it left without us. We then had to get a taxi to take us far enough to get ahead of the train and board it at another station. This train was a nightmare, it was 35 years old, the bathrooms had no water and no paper and you could not use the bathroom if it was stopped at the station. I’ll let you figure that out. It stopped at every station on the track, about every 25 to 30 minutes. The windows were down and diesel smoke was coming in. I had the top bunk and it was awful… what an experience. 27 hours and 45 minutes later we arrived in Dar es Salaam. I have never been more thankful to get off of anything in all my life. I threw up my hands and praised God as soon as I stepped off. The time is now 15 minutes to 5:00pm on Wednesday. We finally got back to the Bishop’s house about 7:00pm. I would like to tell you that the nightmare was over, but there is one more day.

After a bath, a meal and a good night sleep I rose on Thursday ready for the next ten days in South Africa. The day was off to a good start. First of all I went and emailed my wife. Bishop Nzowa and I then went to look at trucks to get some idea of how much money we needed to purchase a truck for him. Then we went down town to the fish market and took some pictures of me standing in the edge of the Indian Ocean. I asked the Bishop if we needed to head for the airport several times, but he said we had plenty of time. We had a soda, a snack, and enjoyed looking across the bay. Finally we headed for the airport and the traffic was horrible. Long story short we got to the airport at 3:00pm and my flight was at 3:20pm. The flight was closed and I was upset. I had a little talk with the Bishop about respecting my time and we went upstairs to rebook my flight for the following morning. After that we left the airport about 4:00pm and went into the city to email my wife and call Pastor George Paige to let him know I would not be there to open the conference on Friday morning. Because of the rush hour traffic we finally got back to Bishop Nzowa’s house at 8:00pm. I was so disappointed but God really helped me. We had a good supper, but I didn’t sleep very well that night. Friday morning I rose early determined not to miss my flight again. My flight was at 10:20am and I was at the airport at 7:30am. Thank God for a successful mission to Tanzania.

I had asked God Thursday night to connect me with someone on the way to Cape Town and he did. I met a wonderful Christian man at the airport in Dar es Salaam that bought me breakfast, let me use his phone and gave me 300 rand for the ministry... God is so good. Since he was also going home to Cape Town, I was on the same flight and he helped me get thru the airport in Johannesburg. Thank God for answered prayer. We got to Cape Town at about 5:15pm and Pastor George and two of his elders picked me up and we were off to the Easter Conference. I got to the church in time to get a shower and go right into the service, and wow what a service it was. After giving my last fifty dollars and the offering that my new Christian brother gave me my pockets were empty. The service was powerful and 3 people were saved. I was so happy to see so many Pastors there. God is really raising Pastors George and Ingrid Paige up to bring unity to the churches. After the service the Pastors were invited for some food and fellowship. Before we got started, a tall young preacher came up to me and gave me a nice watch. He said it was the best he had at the time. 1 really liked the watch and wore it proudly the next day showing off my blessing. On Saturday night I had no money for the offering and I felt lead to sow my new watch…the Bible says that God gives seed to the sower so I sowed my watch. That night after service a man came up to Pastor George and bought my watch back for me... Praise God!!!

I will not share as many details about South Africa due to the length of the letter. We closed out the Easter conference on Sunday night with 5 people saved many healed and everyone present on a spiritual high. On Monday I had a rest day and we drove around and saw some of the beauty of greater Cape Town. It is a beautiful place with the mountains and the seas. I spent Monday and Tuesday night with Dave and Pat Donald. On Tuesday Dave took me on a nice drive which included Cape Point where the currents of the two oceans meet...the Atlantic and the Indian oceans. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day with my new friend. I had a preaching engagement that night and on Wednesday morning we went to a men’s breakfast where I also spoke for a few minutes. I went to preach Wednesday night at Manenburg where Pastor George’s brother Richard is the Pastor. It seemed that the service that night lifted my spirit and I was ready to finish my assignment. I preached Thursday night and Friday night. Saturday morning we had a Pastors breakfast and I spoke on relationships. Pastor George shared my burden for the Tanzanians and received an offering of 972 rand which is about $150.00. I felt that I was supposed to match it so I did a bit more and sent $319.57 which is about 2000 rand. Sunday morning I preached under a tent in a place called Saron about an hour and a half from Cape Town. There was a strong prophetic anointing in that place and 5 people were saved and several were healed of sugar diabetes and other problems. I finished that night in the Sowers Of The Word Church in Cape Town with another strong prophetic message that confirmed the direction of the church. On Monday I finally got to go to Table Mountain and it is magnificent, the views are so beautiful... God is so wonderful...

When all was said and done there were about 15 people added to the kingdom, many healed and hundreds encouraged by the powerful Word of God. Thank you for being my partner. I am praying for you every day and I know that God will continue to bless you for your connection to this ministry.

To View Pictures Of the Africa Trip (Click Here)

Partners For The Harvest,
His For The Kingdom,

Thomas Meares

Rev. Thomas Meares

Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters



Ministry to Guatemala November 2005


December 27, 2005

Dear Partner,

Choice greetings to you my dear friend, I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you. I believe that God has something fabulous you in 2006. Thank you for your prayers and financial supporting the past year and also thank you in advance for partnering with me in 2006. My prayer is that God will overwhelm you with His presence and power as you pursue Him in the New Year.

My trip to Guatemala was a great success. Many were encouraged by the power of the Holy Spirit. You should have seen the smiling faces of the children as they were fed by the staff of Cocina Del Amor along with my sister Christina. They were especially happy when she gave all of them lollipops. Their smiles were priceless and it was worth every effort we invested to witness their happiness.

I gave all that I had, even though I still owed the price of my airline ticket ($514.00). I also blessed Pastor Christian with three suits which I charged on my credit card. When God speaks we must be obedient. I know that my reward is looking for me because I have been obedient to God’s voice. On the last night of the crusade I preached on the power of the seed and received an offering for the church in excess of $4,000.00, to God is the Glory… The church is in a rented building and God has challenged them to acquire their own property. Please pray for The House of Bread and Praises Church and Pastor Christian Maldonado and his family as they pursue God’s best for them. Apostle Jose Alvarez has invited me to do a crusade with him in Nicaragua. I also have an open invitation from Pastor Christian to go back to The House of Bread and Praises Church.

Bishop Stephano Nzowa, founder of Agape International Fellowship Centers has asked me to be the Mark or Father of his College, Agape International Bible College in Tanzania. In August he asked me to send curriculum and when the fall session closed I was asked to prepare diplomas for the sixteen people who received a Diploma in Leadership. I will be returning to Tanzania in April to minister personally to the graduates and hold a special Ordination Service. After my time in Tanzania I will be going to Cape Town, South Africa for a special Easter Crusade at The House of Healing Christian Center with Pastors George & Ingrid Paige. I will also be going to England for Apostle Chritchley’s annual conference in July and several other trips which dates have not been set for as yet.

Wow, these are just some highlights of what we have done and what we are anticipating in 2006.  If you could help with any of the ongoing projects, upcoming events or just help us get back in the black going into the New Year, please know I will be most appreciative. Thank you again for being my friend and partner. Please write or email me with any prayer needs, the email address is thomas@thomasmeares.com . I am praying that the Rest of your life will be the Best of your life. May the blessing of the Lord overtake you in this New Year.

To View Pictures Of This Trip (Click Here)

Partners For The Harvest,

His For The Kingdom,

Thomas Meares

Rev. Thomas Meares

  Teaching ~ Helping ~ Releasing ~ Because Your Success Matters































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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